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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Plush Blanket Embroidery


Stitching complete

     I had a client bring me a plush blanket to be embroidered.  I did the lettering in MasterWorks and added a basting box in Designers Gallery.  

Hooped and ready to stitch

     I knew I couldn't hoop the blanket as it might leave marks so I need a sticky stabilizer.  I was worried that my usual sticky stabilizer would pull out too many fibers when I peeled it off.  I opted to use Aqua Mesh Plus which is a sticky stabilizer that washed away.  On the top I used a dissolvable topper to keep the fibers down.  I did try to smooth them all in the same position before I put it on.  I opted to pin it down so it would not move while stitching the first set of stitches.

Basting box done
     The first stitches were the basting box around the lettering.  Those stitches would ensure that the topper would not bunch up while stitching.  I did stand at the machine, supporting the blanket as I was afraid it might drag.  The stitching went well.  I removed as much of the stabilizer that I could without actually washing the blanket.  The client will need to wash the blanket before giving it to her friend.  

Stitching complete

     I am a bit concerned that the lettering will get lost in the loft of the blanket over time.  Next time I might suggest a patch or maybe some knockdown stitches under the lettering but that would change the whole texture of the corner.

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Green Corduroy Jacket


Finished jacket

     My word for 2023 is "Organize" and one of my "23 for 23" list of items is make a sewing project list.  I wrote 17 items on my list concentrating on the pile of fabric I had laying on my counter in my sewing room.  Then I went into my stash of maybe projects and came up with the seventeen items I want to sew this year.  Two of those projects are from 2021 and five of them are the grandkids birthday t-shirts.  That left me with ten more projects to be able to add to my list.

Pattern used

     I wanted to get a quick start on my list so I chose this easy jacket.  I have made this several times so I didn't need to worry about fitting.  The fabric was a piece I had gotten from a friend when she was cleaning out her stash.

Button choices

      When it came time to choose buttons, I went into my stash and pulled several possibilities.  I then asked on Facebook for opinions.  I decided that I was probably going to wear this with jeans as I don't dress up much so I opted for a plainer button.

Final decision

     This jacket goes together quickly and the instructions are easy to follow.  I even had shoulder pads in my stash to complete it.  Just waiting now for the right time to wear it.

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

2022 Christmas Gifts Part 3


Fabrics for table runner

     For my three kids and my college roommate, I made table runners with matching napkins for Christmas gifts.  Last year I made autumn ones and this year I made Christmas ones.  I buy three yards each of four coordinating fabrics.  This gives me enough for the table runner, front and back, plus four napkins. 

Back showing off the contrast binding

     This year I also bought a plaid fabric for the binding instead of using the main fabric for the binding.  This year I also decided to split the napkins so one of each fabric went with the table runner.  


     I used a fun red, green and white variegated wooly nylon thread for the napkin edges.  I do enjoy sewing these table runners and napkins for gifts.  I think they are an easy way to celebrate different holidays/times throughout the year.  What holiday will be next?

Table runner with napkins

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

2022 Christmas Gifts Part 2


All the pieces are done

     For the grandkids this year I made them placemats with a design from Designs by JuJu.  I used my software to replace the Jingle block with their name.  I spent a couple of days choosing and cutting the pieces for the blocks.  I used leftover fabrics from the table runners and napkins that I had made for their parents.

Starting to put them together

     I hooped the mesh cutaway stabilizer and then followed the directions for each part of the block.  Some blocks were just one design and background fabric (like the elf above) and some had two designs and background fabrics like the HoHoHo and tree block.

     I trimmed all the pieces with the half inch seam allowance as directed and then put them together.  Everything went together just great. 

Binding attempt 1

     I cut the backing fabric as directed and stitched in the ditch along the block seam lines.  I then attempted to bring the backing fabric around to the front to do the 'binding'  I just could not get the corners to look nice even following their instructions.  

Backing fabric

     I decided I was wasting too much time and energy to figuring it out so I went with my usual method of binding.  I trimmed the sides to 1/4" and cut my binding 2 1/2".  I pressed it in half and sewed it to the back with a generous 1/4" seam allowance and then bought it to the front and stitched it down, close to the edge.  Much quicker and less thinking on my part.

     These were a bit labor intensive but I had fun making them.  Next year a different holiday for them and their parents.  I also want to do a tree skirt  for myself for next year but we will see how much time I actually have.  I definitely would recommend these for anyone that likes to embroider.

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

2022 Christmas Gifts Part 1


Lots of fabric baskets

     This year for Christmas I made fabric baskets for my siblings and the other adults in the family.  I bought the pattern from  I had lots of 10 inch squares from packs I had bought plus also ones I had cut from leftover fabric.

Viewed from the side

   I had a lot of fun putting together fabrics to make the baskets.  I like how they are reversible also.  I made a larger one for my kitchen to keep all the charging stuff contained.

Inside look

    Already planning on what to make for them next year.

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Stocking for Sebastian



     I have done a couple of stockings this season.  The first one I had to take apart to do the stitching and I used a wash-away film topper to keep down the nap of the fur.  This client wanted blue to match the blue in the ornaments on the dog's antlers.

Under the hoop hooping

     I used my software to get the name and added a stitched box all around.  That would keep the layers of the stocking cuff together.  I then cut a window in some hooped stabilizer slightly larger than the box. I pinned the stocking underneath and then took it to the embroidery machine.


     As you can see, the name looks upside down but that is based on how I hooped the stocking and placed it on the machine.  I did hold up the stocking during the stitching to make sure it didn't pull too much and loosen the stocking from the stabilizer.  

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Christmas Jammies 2022


Embroidery detail

     Every year I make or embroider jammies for the grandkids.  This year I opted to sew them pajamas.  I had bought Christmas flannel last year at JoAnn Fabrics.  For the youngest I used Kwik Sew Sewing for Babies book.  I made a pair of flannel pants and a long sleeve t-shirt that I embroidered.  The design is from Designs by JuJu.


     My goal is that these are from St Nick on the feast of Saint Nicholas on December 6.  I make sure their parents have them in time to give them on that day.  


     When I was cutting everything out, I found I was short on fabric so I opted to make the only granddaughter's pajamas out of a different fabric.  I used various pajama patterns that I had in my stash.


     It was fun playing around with the fabrics to make somewhat matching pajamas for them all.  I did have to do a bit of piecing to get the oldest one's top, adding a center back seam.

For Miss M

     I did have to buy some buttons for the boys' pajamas as I didn't have enough of the right sized ones in my stash.  

For Cltn

     On the pockets of the boys' pajamas I made sure to center one of the moose.  In the youngest one's embroidery, I used pieces of fabric from the other ones' pajamas to tie them all together.  

Pocket detail

     I don't know how much they still believe in Santa, but I did hear the middle grandchild told his mom that the pajamas smelled like grandma and grandpa Breen's house :-)