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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Pleated Pillow

Pillow with pleated ruffle trim

     I bought a fun new tool at a class.  It's called The Quick Pleater.  It is used to make pleated trim.

Step one of making the box pleat ruffle

     For this pillow I chose the half inch pleater (I think).  I opted to do a box pleat where you turn the pleater one way and then the other way.

Step two of making the box pleat ruffle

     I cut strips of the ruffle fabric about 3/4 of an inch larger than the finished width.  This allowed me to sew the ruffles at the 1/2 inch line on my machine and then trim off 1/4 inch when I serged the edges.  I left the other edge with a raw edge so it could fringe a little.  I joined the strips with a french seam to hide those raw edges.

Sewing on the pleated ruffle

     I prepared the front piece by adding a lining and interlining and serging around the edges.  I then pinned my ruffle in place , clipping at the corners.

Finished front

     I joined my start and end again with a french seam.

Cutting the back using the lining as a template

     Using a template of the lining and interlining, I then cut my back piece.  I serged all around and then added my zipper part to the back piece.  I used a different part of the pattern on the back so you could flip it around to get a little different look.

Back of the pillow

    Then it was just a matter of sewing the front to the back and putting in the pillow form.

Ruffle practice strip

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

More Summer Dining

Cushions and placemats

     For this summer's dining I am adding to the pieces I have already made.  I used some yellow and orange fabric that I had in my stash to make 8 napkins.


     I had two yards of fabric so I was able to cut eight 18" x18" squares to make the napkins.  I bought some orange Wooly Nylon thread and did a rolled hem around all four edges with my serger.

Rolled edge on napkins

          I really like my Babylock eight thread serger, it makes it so easy to do a rolled hem.  I then used the rest of the striped fabric from binding the edges of the placemats, and made a square tablecloth for a different small round table that I have.

Tablecloth and napkins

     Again I just did a rolled hem with the Wooly Nylon thread for a neat edge.

Tablecloth edge

     Hopefully we will soon have a warm enough day to enjoy a family meal out on the patio.


Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Birthday T-shirts

Miss M, Cltn and MTB modeling their birthday t-shirts.  

     My three grandkids recently had their birthdays.  I like to give them money for their college education but I also want them to have something to open at their party so I made them t-shirts.

Finished shirt for Cltn
Cltn fabric
     Cltn picked out this fun camper fabric and also black ribbing.

     For Miss M I had this purple teddy bear fabric and I used the same ribbing on her t-shirt.

Getting the stripes just right for the sleeves for Miss M
     For MTB I had this fun firetruck fabric.  The two older grandkids chose red ribbing that I had to complete his t-shirt.

MTB finished shirt

Fabric for MTB

     I used the Kwik Sew pattern books for their shirts.  Using the fusible tape made the hems easy to do.

Pattern for Cltn
Pattern for Miss M and MTB

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

After School Sewing 2017-2018



     I had several new girls join me in my after-school sewing this year.  A couple only stayed for four sessions and the others stayed for the year.





      I have two sets of sisters that are friends and have been coming for a while.  They are in book two of the KCS program and are working on projects from the book and also commercial patterns including doll clothes.




      As the girls are starting on commercial patterns, they are learning about altering patterns.  Several of the girls are tall and thin so we have been adding length to their patterns.  They are so happy when done that the items fit so well.






      The girls are also getting  the "I can't believe you made that" remarks when they tell people, especially friends, that they have made something they are wearing.  What fun!




     I also have a set of sisters that come for private lessons.  I am teaching them all different kinds of things, including bound buttonholes.  Keeps me on my toes.

     The girls are even drafting some of their own patterns, like this adorable coat for their dog.  Soon these classes will be done for the year and summer camps will start.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Easter Sewing 2018

Grandbabies at Easter

     For Easter, my daughter asked if I would make a dress for my granddaughter.  Of course I said yes.  While at the store shopping for fabric, my grandson decided he wanted something also for Easter and picked out some blue (his favorite color) with eggs fabric.  My granddaughter chose this pretty pastel striped fabric.

Pattern used for the dress

     For her dress I used the same pattern I had used for the flower girl dress in September but this time I made a size 3 instead of the 2+ I made last time.  My daughter chose view A.  I pulled some purple shimmery cotton from my stash to make a contrast band but no bow.

Dress for Miss M

     We chose to use the stripe vertically on the skirt and sleeves and horizontally on the bodice.  For finishing the lining on the zipper edges, I used a technique that one of my students had in a pattern she was doing.  After sewing in the zipper, you then place right sides together and sew the cut edges to the zipper tape.  Now the only hand sewing I had to do was attaching the lining at the waist.

Pattern used for the shirt

     For my grandson's shirt, I found this pattern in my stash.  I believe I bought it to make something for my youngest son who is now 37.  I made the short sleeve version but there still wasn't quite enough fabric to do the regular shirt tail hem.  I just cut it straight across, more like a Hawaiian shirt which I thought was just fine anyway since I knew it would never stay tucked in.

Easter shirt for Mr C

     I added the lime green buttons he chose and he had a fun shirt to wear for Easter.  I did the final hand sewing on both things in the car on our way to Iowa.  The whole family went there to witness our son/their brother get baptized.  We then celebrated Easter with his in-laws.  What a fun day.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Elephant Lovey

Finished elephant lovey

     A client wanted to personalize a lovey blanket she was giving as a shower gift.  The baby's name was already decided on so obviously this was possible ;-)

Ready to start stitching

     There are a couple of challenges when doing these blankets.  One, there are two layers so they tend to shift.  The other challenge is that they are too small to hoop.  This blanket presented another challenge, the striped fabric.  The letters would need to line up with the lines.

Making sure the lines are straight with the stripes

     I added a basting stitch to the name file in my software.  That allowed me to baste the layers together to prevent shifting but it also allowed me to make sure things were lined up properly.  If I found that after I did the basting outline that things were not straight I could easily remove the basting stitches and reposition the lovey on the sticky paper.

Providing support

     You also need to support the blanket as you stitch because it could pull off the sticky stabilizer.  The client chose the Teddy Bear font and a navy thread for the name.  Such a cute and personal gift.