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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Another T-shirt Quilt

Quilt design layout

      A few months ago I had someone come to me for their second t-shirt quilt.  They had won the previous on that I donated to a raffle/auction.  When her other son saw the finished project, he decided that he wanted one also.

Finished top pinned to fleece backing

     Her son and her made up a layout and sent me the photo.  When she dropped off the shirts, we had to tweak it a little because of the fact that one of them was a polo shirt which isn't as easy to use in this quilt.

Trimming the backing

     I took part the shirts, pieced the two squares that needed to be done.  I then stabilized everything and cut them to size.  Sewed them with a 1/2 inch seam allowance and pressed all the seams open.  Then I pinned it to the fleece backing and trimmed it to size.  I stitched around, leaving an opening for turning.  Turned it right side out, and stitched close to the edge all around.  I did small crosses on in the ditch stitches at all the corners.

Finished quilt

     Her son was happy with his new blanket.  Is your child the next one?  I can teach you how to make your own or I can do it for you.  Contact me at

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Tooth Fairy Pillow

Tooth fairy applique

     A couple of months ago, I got a call from my daughter that our oldest grandson had a very loose tooth.  Did I have a tooth fairy pillow that I could make for him?

Getting the supplies together for his pillow

     I looked through my embroidery designs and sure enough I had one from DigiStitches, now with Designs by Juju.  I went through my stash of scraps and gathered all the supplies.

The applique process

     He did request a hanger on it so I found ribbon in my stash also. I did add his name to the design in my software.  The stitching is really quite easy.  You just have to stop and trim the fabric after each step of the appliqué process.

Back of the pillow

     There is a pocket on the back, as well as the front one that holds the tooth, I guess you could put a note to the tooth fairy in there.

All finished

     A few hours later, I had a pillow all ready for his first loose tooth.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Baby Shower Presents

Original fabric choices

     A friend is expecting her first baby, a little boy, next month.  A neighbor threw a shower for her and this is what I made.

Sleep sack, hat and final fabric choice

     I looked at her registry and saw the color that she chose for the nursery was mostly grey.  I wanted to embroider some items for her.  From my stash of ready to embroidery baby items, I chose a sleep sack in blue and one in white.  I also chose matching hats and a soft white blanket with satin binding.

Bunny applique

     I was going to do an appliqué baby animal in four different colors on each of the four corners of the white blanket.  After doing the first in the turquoise blue that matched the sleep sack, I opted to do all four in the same color way.  I really liked how it turned out.

Giraffe applique 

     I was planning on embroidering something onto the sleep sack and hats also.  The sleep sacks were lightweight and I didn't feel like they would hold an embroidery design too well.  Also the appliqué design I used on the blanket would have overwhelmed the little sleep sack.

Little lamb applique

    I had gotten these designs from Embroidery Library to make something for one of my grandkids and I really liked how well they turned out.

Teddy bear appliqué

     I used a grey color for the eyes and mouths instead of black, it matched the room and also softened the look a little.

Double flannel blanket

     Then I made a receiving blanket from flannel.  A pretty soft grey with the turquoise car print.  I really liked how it all coordinated and matched the baby's room.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Monogrammed Outdoor Pillows

Monogrammed outdoor pillows

     For Christmas this year I made my daughter and her husband some pillows for their outdoor furniture that we bought them for their new house.

Cutting the bias fabric to cover the outdoor cording

     I chose Sunbrella fabric and weather resistant pillow forms.  I bought it all from Online Fabrics.  The idea is that they should bring them inside but in case they get left out and it rains, they should still hold up.

Matching the stripes on the bias cut fabric

     I bought coordinating solid and stripe fabrics.  The smaller pillows were made with the solid with the striped covered cord and the larger pillows were the stripe with the solid covered cord.  I also used an outdoor cording for the pillows.

Trimming the monogram fabric in the hoop

     I cut the cording covering on the bias and matched the stripes while sewing the pieces together.  I used an appliqué monogram from Designs by Juju, the Wanda font in the 7-inch size.  I stitched them onto the smaller pillows using a slightly different part of the stripe on each one.

Smaller pillows with appliquéd monograms

     I carefully assembled the fronts with the covered cord and the backs with the lapped zipper near the bottom.  The small pillows went together just fine.  The striped ones however were a different matter.  I had made sure to mark the top of the stripe as I cut the pillow pieces so they would all be oriented the right way.  What I forgot was that to match the stripes, the back piece actually had to be upside down.

Matching the stripes on the front and back

     I really didn't want to redo either the front or back and not having the stripes match would really bother me.  I opted to sew the front piece on upside down, thus the join of the covered cord was on top.  That to me was the best solution, especially as I was sewing these the day before our get together.  Nothing like last minute pressure.

Larger striped pillows

    They really liked the pillows and I'm not sure they even noticed the join at the top of the pillow.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Sammy Stocking 2

Hanging by our fireplace

     This week I am showing you the second stocking I did for the newest grandchild.  This one is to hang at his house.

Cutting apart the jeans

     I started with a pair of my husband's old jeans.  Grandpa's jeans make the best stockings for the grandsons.

Cut leg

     I cut off the legs, one below the pockets and the other at the large rip in the front.

Pattern placed for the front of the stocking

     I placed the pattern for the front of the stocking on the longer leg piece.  I did have to turn it upside down to get the best layout.

Traced pattern

     I then traced around the pattern piece with my Chac-o-liner.  This left the piece big enough to hoop for the embroidery.

Templates in place

     I then laid out the printed templates and marked the crosshairs for design placement.  I hooped the jean leg three times and stitched out each design.

Cutting the back of the stocking

     While I was stitching out the embroidery designs from Embroidery Library, I cut out the back part of the stocking and the lining pieces.

     I also cut a piece of felt for the cuff and embroidered his name on it.  I sewed the lining pieces, right sides together, the outer pieces, right sides together and the short ends of the cuff piece, right sides together.

     I then tucked the lining into the stocking with wrong sides facing.  I added a loop made from the hem of the jeans to the top and then tucked the cuff into the stoking with the right side facing the lining.  I stitched all around the top and then flipped the cuff to the outside.

     All ready now to hang by the fireplace.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Sammy Stocking 1

Stocking to hang at grandma and grandpa's house

     A new grandchild means a couple of new Christmas stockings.  I make/decorate one for our house and then make one for their house.

'Ready to decorate' stocking from Target

     Today I will show you the one for our house.  I bought this blank stocking at Target, said it was ready to decorate.

Cuff all embroidered

     First I removed the cuff and opened it up.  I stitched on his name, using a printed template of the design to make sure I had it above the line.

Doing the embroidery

     Then I had to further deconstruct the stocking to add an embroidery design from Embroidery Library.  I chose a cute gingerbread man because I had bought him some Oh Snap pajamas from Old Navy.

Putting it back together

     After finishing the embroidery, I serged the sides back together and then turned it right side out and redid the top-stitching around the edge.  I reattached the cuff after putting it back together.

Detail of embroidery

     Next week I will show you the one I made for hanging at his house.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Aqua and Coral Stepping Stones Quilt

Finished quilt

     I found the large scale fabric at Mill House Quilts in March 2017.  The colors really intrigued me so I bought a couple of coordinating fabrics to make a quilt.

Block detail

     The pattern I used was Fabric Cafe - Stepping Stones that I bought as a downloadable pattern. It calls for there 1 yard pieces of fabric which includes the binding.  The only problem is, is that it is only a single fold binding and I like mine to be double fold.  I bought an extra half yard of the dark grey fabric so I could make the binding my way.

Label 1

     This makes just a small, 44" x 58", quilt.  The cutting was easy enough as was the piecing.  I bought flannel at JoAnn Fabrics for the backing.

Label 2

     I had Sally of Windy City quilting, do the quilting.  I than made a couple of labels with my embroidery machine and then did the binding.

Quilting detail

     Just a fun, quick quilt that showcases larger scale prints nicely.